Sammy the Salmon is our gold standard packaging symbol and your assurance that you are purchasing the highest quality food safe product available on the market

The Sammy food safe symbol pays tribute to the hard work and brand building efforts vigorously applied by you, our smokers. It reflects our commitment to providing value-added components as required to promote and elevate your products to the highest standards available. Our long term desire is to have Sammy promote the stringent protocols required for the evolving and improved food-safety standards. The thoughtful use of Sammy Boards, as part of your overall commitment to the consumer, will help you build brand equity and improve your sales posture.

Why choose Sammy Board

  • Sammy Board is comprised of 100% recycled paperboard and is enhanced with moisture inhibitors to ensure the boards are water and oil resistant.

  • Our specialized foundation ply is combined with food certified films in either metallic or non-metallic varieties.

  • As guided by individual marketing demands, Sammy Boards are available in various color combinations including Gold, Silver and Black.

  • Sammy Board is FDA approved for direct food contact, is manufactured to endure frozen/wet environments and will not delaminate under these conditions. 

  • Sammy Board is provided in shrink-wrapped sanitary bundles, in quantities to your specifications, and then wrapped again when palletized for added hygienic protection.

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